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Shop with the Planet in Mind: Unplastix

Plastic waste and climate change are a double whammy trending in the wrong direction. The United Nations reported that plastic waste will double by 2030 unless we make drastic changes. What can we as consumers do about this global crisis before it’s too late?

Unplastix empowers consumers to take direct action with significant impact.

We are all consumers, and our choices make a huge difference. If we simply stopped buying products made and packaged with harmful plastics the entire marketplace would shift in the right direction. But where do we find these products?

Unplastix will find them for you. We will source and review everyday items that you can easily purchase at the speed of click. And here’s why it’s so important.

According to the UN report, "Our Planet is Choking on Plastic."

This is due in large part to what we throw away. Disposable packaging is 36% of all plastic that’s produced. Add to that all the containers marked with the recycle symbol. Most of those also end up in landfills or oceans where they will never biodegrade.

This will increase greenhouses gasses and contribute to climate change. In response, some states and countries are passing laws to reduce or ban single use plastics. These laws will take years to show results, and many are already being challenged by legislators and law suits. Imagine what would happen if we all decided to shop to reduce plastic waste.

When it comes to recycling most of us are righteously confused.

We aren’t sure what to recycle and what to toss. If it has a recycle symbol most of us throw it into the green bin. The fact is, that little recycle symbol can be misleading. It means the item can be recycled under certain conditions. However, those conditions don’t exist for most plastics. Less than 10% are recycled. We simply don’t have the infrastructure required to sort one kind of plastic from another, and then complete the process of breaking it down so that it can be reused. It costs less to dispose of it and make more new plastics out of fossil fuel.

Plastic is big business for the oil industry.

Companies such as ExxonMobile and DowDupont are increasing their investments in it, according to a CNBC report. As we transition to renewable power and electric vehicles, oil profits are declining. Oil companies are banking on plastics for increased revenue growth. They’re particularly focused on developing countries where they believe the demand will grow. Hopefully, they will be disappointed. 175 nations have agreed to develop a global plan to drastically reduce plastic waste, and here’s why.

Most plastic is made from fossil fuel, and it does not biodegrade. It becomes brittle and breaks into smaller and smaller pieces, finding its way into our ecosystems, wildlife, and food chain. It has made a mess of our oceans and beaches. It’s consumed by birds, fish, and other wildlife killing them slowly and painfully. Now it’s in us. National Geographic recently reported that Microplastics are in our bodies, sounding a new level of alarm. The extent to which we are harmed by toxic nanoplastics circulating through our organs is being studied and debated. But why wait for that bad news?

It’s on us to take action for a clean and healthy planet.

The best way to keep plastics out of our bodies and environment is to stop buying them. When it’s time to buy more toothpaste, shampoo, dish soap, cosmetics, pet supplies, or anything else on your list check Unplastix. Chances are we have several options to choose from.

You’ll find information and reviews on an ever-increasing number of items that have moved away from harmful plastics. All are earth-friendly, cruelty-free, and easy to buy at the speed of click.

Unplastix is for people who want to care for the planet while caring for themselves and their families.

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