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Dad and kids doing dishes

Let’s stop trashing the planet with the very products we use to clean our homes. Here are 10 planet-friendly cleaning and laundry products that are cruelty-free and zero waste. That’s ten ways to take care of your home and the planet at the same time.

Unless you live in the woods it’s almost impossible for your dog to do their business without creating plastic waste. But here are some ways you can reduce it. We’ll be adding some recommendations for cats soon.

The best way to keep plastic out of the environment is to keep it out of our shopping carts.

We make it easy for you to find brilliantly designed products that have transitioned away from harmful plastics. 

Our standards are as high as yours. We consider these criteria and more in our reviews. We also want your feedback and recommendations.


Made and packaged without harmful plastics


Never tested on animals


Biodegrade without toxicity


And made from recycled materials