a woman leaning into washing machine

Laundry is No Longer a Heavy Lift

It’s time to lighten your load. Heavy laundry detergent bottles are dinosaurs from the past. They’re too big, too heavy, too plastic, and have too many unfriendly chemicals in them. They also cost too much.

Switch to strips! Your laundry will be just as clean with a tiny detergent sheet you toss in with your clothes.  Whether you’re hand washing or using a machine, the sheets dissolve instantly and do a great job. There are several brands on Amazon. We just happen to like these. They’re also a bargain!

If you prefer another brand let us know and we’ll check it out.

Breezeo strips take the heavy lift out of laundry. Just drop a tear-strip in with your clothes. Add two if the load calls for it. No measuring or lifting, and they dissolve instantly in any water temperature. Pack them for travel, or keep them at home and free up some shelf space. You can also use them for hand washing.
They’re free of optical brighteners, added dyes, chlorine bleach, parabens, and plastic.
48 strips come in a thin, recyclable cardboard envelope. No plastic waste. No enormous plastic jug to haul. These will make you wonder why everyone isn’t using them. They make a great gift for kids, parents, friends.

If your laundry isn’t done without that distinctive scent try Breezeo dryer sheets with fabric softener.

Poesie Laundry Detergent Sheets make so much sense you have to wonder why anyone still uses liquid laundry soap. Simply drop a small, pre-cut strip into the machine with your clothes instead of struggling with an enormous plastic bottle. You can add additional strips to large or extra-soiled loads. 

Poesie works just as well for hand washing. They dissolve instantly and do a great job cleaning your clothes. Plus they’re a bargain!

One small, recyclable cardboard box holds 160 biodegradable laundry strips. This is as many loads as the largest, heaviest plastic bottles of liquid laundry soap that cost many times more. 

Poesie sheets are lightly scented, hypoallergenic, and free of phosphates, dye, trichloroethylene, paraben, formaldehyde. A great way to care for yourself, your family, and the planet at the same time.