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From our family to yours

Unplastix is California based and ocean facing. There’s no place like the beach to experience the infinitude and beauty of nature. We cannot continue to violate that without dire consequences, which is why we are committed to Unplastix. 

We offer immediate and effective ways to reduce plastic pollution and global warming, the most serious problems threatening our amazing planet. Alone we can do little. Together we can turn this crisis around and bring on a future in which we think, design, and create with the whole planet in mind.

Sharon Peaslee on a beach
Sharon Peaslee, Founder
Max Peaslee
Max Peaslee, Tech & Business Advisor
Azure Malm on a beach
Azure Malm, UI/UX Designer
Sharon Peaslee and her dog Sadie

I spent decades marketing products, artists, and non-profits as the combined crisis of climate change and plastic waste progressed. They were sneaking up on us, and eventually became overwhelming.  A few years ago I was teaching Marketing to high school students and had them design products that addressed these issues. I wanted them to use the power of marketing to solve some of the problems it had created. This work with my students led to Unplastix.

We have all played a role in this crisis by ignoring the impacts of what we consume and where they end up after we throw them away. It was willful ignorance that we now need to reverse by expanding our awareness. We need to redesign almost everything we consume with our relationship to the planet in mind. This is an exhilarating process, and there are many companies already doing it. 

Between teaching and developing Unplastix I’ve discovered brilliant products that everyone should know about. They’re innovative in their materials and design. The aesthetic appeal is so much greater than the plastics they replace. I hope people will use Unplastix to explore and discover products that will enhance their lives while also helping to clean up the planet.

Max and Azure

We feel enormous pressure to do something about the biggest problems threatening the world. The clock is ticking and we can’t postpone. It’s just not an option. So what to do? 

We’re both technology natives. It’s a language that empowers us. It’s what we have to work with. Social media gives opportunities the world has never had before. It makes it possible to connect globally and bring about a massive shift that can reverse climate change and plastic waste. 

These problems go hand in glove. Fossil fuel is at the heart of the matter. We inherited this mess, but we also play a part in it. Bottom line – it’s on all of us to turn it around. We hope you’ll find Unplastix helpful. We will continue to expand and improve it. Please leave comments so we know what you would like from us.

Why Unplastix

Our planet is your planet. Let’s share the love and do what we need to clean it up and ensure that we don’t trash it again. 

Shop with the planet in mind. Discover amazing new products that innovative companies have created. Support them, enjoy the aesthetic, and help the planet. In other words, shop like an activist and be a shoptavist!