Personal Care

woman shopping online-zero-waste personal care essentials

Our initial product launch focused on personal care essentials that most of us use ever day. We recommend ten products that will care for you and the planet at the same time. Click below to see the list. 

Since then we’ve added to our store and are always looking. Whenever you need something check for Unplastix options. If we don’t have what you need please let us know. Or if you discover products we should include let us know that too. We want your input!

Unplastix is for people who want a better future now

Unplastix will bring the future of well-being into the present by empowering those who want it now.  By making more conscious choices we can live abundantly and in harmony with nature.

Unplastix sources and tests products that are formulated and packaged to care for you and the planet at the same time. We also research and report the most current information on planet friendly practices and use of materials. Sometimes this leads to surprising discoveries.

The learning curve is constant. There are always new products and information to discover. We hope you will ride it with us. Make shopping a discovery and a way to help the planet.


Made and packaged without harmful plastics


Never tested on animals

Biodegradeable and toxin free

Biodegrades toxin-free


Made from recycled materials