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Most beauty products come in plastic containers that can’t be recycled.  Even eco-friendly formulas frequently come in plastic tubes, bottles, sticks. Many have applicators, pumps, and caps that will last indefinitely. Much of it ends up in our oceans, on our beaches. Some is consumed by wildlife, and it’s deadly. None of it is necessary!

Switch to Unplastix and help the planet restore its own natural beauty.

Wherever you buy your beauty products, check the container to see if it can be recycled. If it’s plastic and doesn’t have a recycle symbol on it, don’t buy it. If it does, be sure the number inside the chasing arrows is 1 or 2. Anything else probably won’t be recycled unless you participate in a take-back program. 

Why Unplastix

We are constantly looking for products that will make it easy for you to take care of yourself and the planet at the same time. 

Our standards are as high as yours. We consider these criteria and more in our reviews and product ranking. We also want your feedback and recommendations.