Easy Ways to Clean your Space without Trashing the Planet

family washing dishes

It’s mind-boggling how much plastic waste we create cleaning our homes. Stroll down the aisle of any grocery store and contemplate where all those plastic bottles are headed. Most will end up in growing landfills of forever garbage. Even if the bottles are recyclable, the caps, sprayers, wrappers, and pumps probably aren’t.

None of this plastic waste is necessary. There are beautifully designed products that give the quality clean we all want without the plastic waste. Start with white vinegar and water in any spray bottle. If that doesn’t work for you, here are more options. All the products we list are non-toxic and plastic-free. 

Check back with us whenever you need more. We will continue to add to our store.

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Attitude liquid cleaners come in a variety of formulas for different cleaning needs. The bulk refill boxes contain plastic liner bags that hold enough liquid to fill several bottles, depending on size. There’s a spout that easily dispenses it into bottles you already have. All the packaging and the spout are recyclable. Choose the formula that meets your needs.

Cleanomic Dish Soap Tablets for Hand Washing

Cleanomic Dish Soap Tablets for hand washing

Cleanomic lime scented tablets dissolve with water in a pump bottle you already have. The formulas are gentle and slightly foamy. They have a watery texture that’s different than bottled liquid dish soap, but effectively cleans most dishes. Be sure to allow the tablets to fully dissolve before using.

Eplanita packs a zero-waste punch with this planet-friendly cleaning kit. You get a sturdy bamboo brush with three replaceable heads. Bristles are agave cactus fibers and can be thoroughly cleaned, over and over for years of use.

When brush heads are done, simply replace them and toss the old ones in your yard or food waste bin.

Eplanita Biodegradable Sponges

Eplanita Cellulose and Sisal sponges

Eplanita plant-based sponges absorb with cellulose and scour with sisal. These 100% natural sponges hold up for as long as you’ll want to use them. Then they biodegrade in compost garbage and disappear without a trace.

They look and feel just like plastic sponges, but they won’t trash our planet. And Eplanita sponges are a bargain! The six pack will give you enough to keep in your bathrooms, kitchen, and wherever you need a great natural clean.

If You Care Dishwasher Soap Tablets

If You Care automatic dishwasher tablets

If You Care concentrated tablets do a great job in the dishwasher with no phosphates, chlorine, or other toxic ingredients. The formula is mineral and plant based with enzymes that dissolve food and grease. 

Tablets are wraped in a water soluble PVA material. No need to unwrap. Just tuck them into your dishwasher’s soap holder.

Packaging is recyclable cardboard. No plastic bottle, no energy wasted in transporting. Just clean dishes with the planet in mind.

Miw Piw Kitchen Soap Bar

Miw Piw Dish Soap Bar

This is a zero-waste soluiton to hand washing dishes. It foams and cuts grease without harsh chemicals. Keep it next to your kitchen sink and use with a sponge or brush. It cleans thoroughly with coconut oil and glycerine which also moisturize your hands. The scent is natural lemon-grass oil.

Replace plastic bottles with this cruelty-free bar to clean up the planet and your dishes at the same time.

Poesie Dishwasher Sheets

Poesie Dishwasher Detergent Sheets

Poesie Dishwasher Sheets easily fold into the detergent holder on your dishwasher. No measuring, pods, or plastic packaging.

It should be noted that these work best in soft water and may not clean dishes thoroughly in hard water.

Seventh Generation Zero Plastic cleaning products do a great job without plastic waste. They clean thoroughly with plant and mineral-based ingredients. Chlorine bleach–free, dye-free, fragrance-free, safe for septic, and EPA Safer Choice and Leaping Bunny certified. There are no downsides to these products.

The Powerful Clean Dishwashing Detergent is biodegradable, plant-based and a USDA Certified Biobased Product at 87%. It even works in hard water. The box is recyclable cardboard. 

Seventh Generation Bathroom Cleaner cuts through soap scum and brings your shower or tub to a sparkle without harsh chemicals or odors. The steel container keeps the powder, and it’s infinitely recyclable.


RU S Soap Bar Holders

R U bamboo bar holder

These wooden soap holders are a great way to make your bars last longer. Put one next to every sink so that bars dry quickly, stay clean, and hold their shape.

They’re a bargain at 10 in a box, and come in two different colors.

Sisal Soap Saver Bags

Sisal bar bags for soaps and conditioners

Sisal Bags are a great way to store your bars. You can also leave the bar in the bag and scrub with them. Then hang them to dry quickly.

If you write names on the bag with a permanent marker you’ll know exactly what and whose bar is in it. This comes in very handy if you want to be sure people aren’t washing their hands with your hair conditioner.

And they’re a bargain!