about us

Our mission is to make it easy to find products and brands that have moved away from harmful plastics.

Most of what we buy, use, and throw away is made of plastic. We are creating mountains and islands of toxic waste that will never biodegrade.

The best way to keep plastics out of landfills, oceans, animals, and people is to keep them out of our shopping carts.

At Unplastics we source brilliantly designed and packaged products made without harmful plastics. We feature companies that have figured out how to create with materials that can be recycled, repurposed, or re-absorbed into natural environments without toxic pollution.

Every Unplastix purchase you make will contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet. You will bend the marketplace in the right direction by increasing demand for planet-friendly products.

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How We Select Products

At this time we are sourcing products on Amazon, and plan to expand to other sites soon. We search for essentials that have transitioned away from disposable plastics, are earth and animal friendly in their ingredients and testing. We’re especially interested in companies who are building their entire brand around earth-friendly, zero-waste, plastic-free values.

We read customer reviews and other articles about products that meet our standards. If it’s priced reasonably we buy it and try it. If it’s too expensive we sigh and pass on it. Isn’t that what you’d do?

We won’t list anything if it arrives with plastic bits and pieces, such as lids and caps. We won’t list products that aren’t satisfying to use, or if they arrive broken or spilled. In other words, if we’re not satisfied we assume you won’t be either. 

If your product arrives in plastic packaging we regret it enormously. Amazon is slowly moving in the right direction, with internal and external pressures to do so. We must all continue to exert this pressure. Please let Amazon know that you wished your planet-friendly product had been shipped in planet-friendly packaging.

“It's going to take all of us to clean up the plastic mess we've made. But we have the power to do it. Companies only make what people will buy. We need to buy better!”

Sharon Peaslee
Sharon Peaslee