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Pamper your Hair and the Planet

These are zero-waste, eco-friendly shampoos and conditioners that work for all kinds of hair. No harsh chemicals, no plastic bottles, just rich ingredients that nourish your hair without harming the planet. We will add to this list as we find more. Be sure to check out the holders and bags to keep your bars lasting longer.

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BOB shampoos and conditioners are as kind to the planet as they are to your hair. They are vegan, zero-waste and keep plastic out of the environment. The bars are super concentrated because they are made without water. So the carbon footprint is low, and the bars last much longer than the liquids they replace.

BOB formulas are rich in essential oils and other natural ingredients to give different hair types the right nutrients for carefree beauty. Curl Defining shampoo and conditioner work together to increase moisture, reduce frizz, and define curls. The Moisturizing combo is formulated for balanced to dry hair. The shampoo adds moisture while cleaning. The conditioner saturates the hair at structural levels with nutrient-rich oils that leave it soft and shiny. The Oil Control bundle deeply cleans your scalp and hair, moisturizing without weighing it down. If your hair is dry or chemically treated the Rebuilding Combo will give it the moisture and nutrients it needs to recover its strength and radiance.

This is a great way to introduce Ethique to friends and family. It includes sample shampoos and conditioners for dry, sensitive, normal, or oily hair.

All are formulated with natural, ethically sourced ingredients that are good for skin, hair, and the planet. They clean and nourish with coconut oil and cocoa butter. There are no drying soaps, no palm oil, no aluminum or plastic. Packaging is fully recyclable and compostable.

Be sure to visit the Ethique Store on Amazon to discover more products for you and your family, including babies and pets.

Superzero gently cleans and moisturizes without any of the damaging sulfates and soaps found in many bottled shampoos. And there are no heavy oils or waxes to try to hide the damages. It comes in a variety of formulas: for normal, fine/oily, thinning/aging, blonde/highlighted/white. 

All shampoos and conditioners are completely plant-based with a natural botanical scent. Ingredients are from coconuts, cocoa seed butter, other plant-based oils, provitamin B5, and rosemary leaf oil. They’re sulfate-free, cruelty-free, with no petrochemicals or parabens, no synthetics colors or fragrances. 

The packaging is plastic-free, 50% recycled, 100% recyclable, biodegradable, industrially compostable, non-toxic, water-based inks and adhesive. 1 bar keeps at least 2 plastic bottles out of landfills.

RU S Bamboo Soap Holders are an attractive, eco-friendly way to hold soap, shampoo, and conditioning bars so they last longer.  They come in two different colors: natural and charcoal brown. At 4.72 x 3.54 inches they hold any size bar so it dries quickly instead of dissolving.

Buy these in quantities of 10, 30, or 50. They’re a great bargain. Use them in the kitchen, bathroom, shower. Pair them with any kind of bar for affordable, attractive gifts. Fantastic way to care for yourself, your friends and family, and the planet – all at the same time!

Sisal bags are essential for your shampoo, conditioning, and washing bars. They help the bars stay fresh and last longer by keeping them out of water and storing them so they dry quickly and hold their shape. These handmade pouches have beaded pull strings.  They double as an exfoliating scrub with the soap in the bag. Then rinse and hang to dry.

Planet-friendly essentials for home, travel, and gifting!