PlanetWise washable garbage bags

Green your Garbage

Let’s assume you reduce, recycle, and reuse as much as you can. If you’re reading this it’s probably because you still have garbage to throw away. And maybe you’re wondering what the greener ways are to do that. Here are our recommendations.

If we find more solutions we’ll add them to our shop. If you have recommendations please let us know.

Reusable garbage bags are machine washable. They come in 13 gal capacity, and a variety of colors. They’re designed for diapers, so you can be sure they’re leakproof, anti-bacterial and last for years. No more single use plastic garbage bags! This is the most planet-friendly solution for any garbage that isn’t compostable. 

The truth is, there is no good kind of plastic garbage bag if it’s headed for landfill. Compostable bags should only be used for compost. They biodegrade in landfill and emit methane, a potent greenhouse gas. The same is true with any kind of biodegradable bag. Virgin or recycled plastic bags never biodegrade and will last in landfill or elsewhere for hundreds of years. 

The best plastic bag is the one you don’t use. That’s why reusable, washable bags are the greenest way to throw away. Just empty the trash into the bin and wash the bag when it needs it.

Alpha tall kitchen recycled garbage bags are made from 100% recycled plastic, and they are recyclable. These 13 gal bags are sturdy and will hold garbage without leaking.

If your garbage is headed for landfill and you must use plastic bags, this is the greenest way to go. These bags are making use of plastic that has been used and recycled. They won’t decompose in landfill and emit methane. 

Using compostable and biodegradable bags for garbage headed for landfill isn’t the greenest way to go. They will slowly decompose in landfill environments and contribute to greenhouse gasses.
It should be noted that Alpha bags pose all the hazards of plastic and should be disposed of properly so that they don’t become toxic litter.

ProGreen bags are made from plant-based materials and meet the highest compostable requirements by US law (CA and NY) and European. They are strong and thick but will biodegrade along with your food and yard waste, in home or industrial compost. Click here to see a wide range of sizes available on Amazon.

Compostable bags are not recommended for normal garbage destined for landfills. Under these conditions they will biodegrade slowly and emit methane gas, which is a potent greenhouse gas.

GreenPolly dog poop bags are made of 80-90% post-consumer recycled plastic and 10-20% plastic made from sugarcane. If your dog’s poo is headed for landfill this is a good bag to use. Compostable or biodegradable bags sound green, but for pet waste they aren’t. Poop is too toxic to compost. A compostable bag will decompose in landfill and emit methane which is a potent greenhouse gas.

Using recycled plastic contributes to a recycle economy and has a much smaller carbon footprint than virgin plastic. The bags won’t decompose in landfill and emit methane. That being said, they pose all the environmental hazards of any plastic bag and should be disposed of responsibly so they don’t end up littering landscapes and waterways.