Seventh Generation Bathroom & Household Cleaners

Non-toxic, biodegradable, plant and mineral-based powders that cleans thoroughly without toxic chemicals, cholorine, abrasion, dyes, or fragrance.

Seventh Generation Bathroom Cleaner is made with non-toxic, biodegradable, plant and mineral-based materials. It’s a powder that cleans thoroughly without abrasion, cholorine, dyes, or fragrance.

The powder is water activated. Sprinkle a small amount on a surface or sponge and wipe away soap scum and other grime. A little goes a long way. It does a great job on any surface without scratching.

Check out other Seventh Generation Zero Plastic products. All come in steel containers that are infinitely recyclable. They also have tops that seal tightly to prevent spills and moisture.

Highest planet-friendly rating: 5

Planet-friendly rating of 5 out of 5

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