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Big Oil Splits Global Plastics Treaty Talks

In November, the UN Environment Assembly launched a global initiative to end plastic waste. Delegates from 160 countries met in Uruguay to begin negotiations focused on reaching an agreement by the end of 2024.

Reuters reported that there is already a split between The High Ambition Coalition and oil producing countries that include the US and Saudi Arabia. The High Ambition Coalition represents the majority of nations and wants mandatory global measures, including reductions in plastic production. The US and Saudi Arabia want nations to set their own goals and action plans. These would be driven by national interests, and there would probably be no enforcement mechanisms.

This split puts at risk the global cooperation urgently needed to end plastic pollution.

Without a binding agreement plastic production could triple by 2060. According to reporting by NPR, the oil industry is increasing production to make up for losses from more fuel-efficient cars and trucks. They continue to push recycling rather than decreased production as a solution to plastic waste. There is no evidence that we will ever be able to recycle our way out of this toxic mess.

What will it take to curb the greed of Big Oil in favor of global clean-up and sustained environmental well-being?
It will take all of us demanding it!

One way you can make your voice heard is by sending a message to the Biden administration through Greenpeace. By signing the Greenpeace petition you can insist on an ambitious treaty that will effectively end the devastation of plastic production and pollution.

Another way is by switching to Unplastix. Whenever you need to buy something check us out for products made, packaged, and formulated to reduce plastic waste and other toxins. Give Unplastix to family and friends. This will help people realize that we can easily reduce plastic waste now through our shopping choices. This can bend the market by making it very clear what consumers want. As more people make the switch more companies will meet the demand.

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