Miw Piw Kitchen Soap Bar

Vegan, zero-waste dish soap. Cleans well and naturally moisurizes hands. No harsh chemicals! Put this block next to your kitchen sink with an Eplanita Natural Dish Brush or Sponge. The packaging is also biodegradable or compostable.

Miw Piw is a vegan, zero-waste dish soap for hand washing. It cleans amazingly well with the purest of ingredients. The palm oil-free formula produces a nice lather from cold pressed coconut oil, with no harsh chemicals. This simple soap will help you realize that we don’t need any of the toxic ingredients found in other dish soaps. It’s naturally scented, and naturally moisturizes your hands.

Nix the plastic bottles and put this block next to your sink. Compliment it with an Eplanita Natural Dish Brush or Sponge and clean your dishes without trashing the planet. The packaging is biodegradable or compostable.


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