Kame dissolves in water

Clean without Trashing the Planet

It’s mind boggling how much plastic waste we create cleaning our countertops and sinks. And it’s because well-stocked grocery aisles give us no alternatives. Just rows of plastic bottles with sprayers that will add to our growing mountains of forever garbage.

It turns out there are plenty of alternatives. White vinegar with water in any spray bottle is a great place to start. If that doesn’t work for you, try the products reviewed below. All are non-toxic and plastic-free. As we continue our search we’ll add more to our shop. 

Please feel free to recommend products you’ve used. We value your input.

Kame cleaning tablets are the best spray cleaning deal I’ve ever seen. Six tablet that you mix with water in the bottle of your choice are the same amount of clean as you’d buy in six 20 oz plastic bottles. By reusing a bottle you already have you keep 6 plastic bottles out of the landfill. And there’s no down side. 

This is a highly effective all-purpose cleaner that works on many different surfaces. I’ve used it throughout the kitchen and bathroom. The scent is light lavender.

The ingredients are non-toxic and plainly listed on the side of the zero-waste cardboard box the tablets come in. Clean your home and the planet at the same time!

Seventh Generation Bathroom Cleaner is made with non-toxic, biodegradable, plant and mineral-based materials. It’s a powder that cleans thoroughly without abrasion, cholorine, dyes, or fragrance.

The powder is water activated. Sprinkle a small amount on a surface or sponge and wipe away soap scum and other grime. A little goes a long way. It does a great job on any surface without scratching.

The toilet bowl cleaner is also water-activated, foaming and expanding it’s cleaning power without any toxic chemicals.

Both come in a steel container that is infinitely recyclable, and the top seals tightly. No spills, no moisture clogging the powder.