Eplanita dish brush and loofah sponge

Clean Dishes without Trashing the Planet

Whether you scrub by hand or machine it’s easy to clean dishes without plastic bottles, scrubbies, or packaging. Harsh chemicals and fake scents are also optional! Here are a few planet-and creature friendly ways to get the job done. We’ll add more to our shop as we find them. 

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If liquid dish soap is your jam Attitude does the job with non-toxic, plant and mineral-based ingredients. Chose unscented or lightly scented. All are hypoallergenic and non-irritating. Click to see details of each formula:
Unscented, Citrus Zest, Green Apple and Basil, Pink Grapefruit, Olive and Coriander

All are also Ecologo Certified for reduced environmental impact. And they’re PETA certified as Vegan and Cruelty-free, never tested on animals.

The bulk refill boxes are recyclable cardboard with a recyclable plastic liner. Even the spout is recyclable. The soap can be dispensed into any bottle you already have. It addresses the leaking and environmental issues of the Attitude plastic bottles. Keep plastic bottles out of landfill. Clean your dishes with the planet in mind.

Cleanomic Handwashing Dish Soap Tablets

Cleanomic Dish Soap Tablets for hand washing

Cleanomic Foaming Dish Soap Tablets dissolve with water in a pump bottle to be used for hand washing dishes. The formula is gentle and lightly foamy, but the ingredients are up to most dishwashing tasks. Don’t let the water consistency fool you. This non-toxic formula works just fine and keeps plastic bottles and packaging out of the environment.

If You Care does a great job in the dishwasher with no toxic ingredients. The formula is mineral and plant-based with powerful enzymes to dissolve stuck-on food and grease. 

The tablets are wrapped in a water soluble, biodegradable material. No need to unwrap. Just tuck them into your diswasher’s soap holder in the wrapper. They dissolve quickly and get right to work. (Plastic Oceans and others dispute the claims that PVA film is fully biodegradable.)

Packaging is recyclable cardboard. No plastic bottle, no energy wasted in transporting heavy liquid, no phosphates or chlorine. Just clean dishes with the planet in mind.

Miw Piw is a vegan, zero-waste dish soap for hand washing. It cleans amazingly well with the purest of ingredients. The palm oil-free formula produces a nice lather from cold pressed coconut oil, with no harsh chemicals. This simple soap will help you realize that we don’t need any of the toxic ingredients found in other dish soaps. It’s naturally scented, and naturally moisturizes your hands.

Nix the plastic bottles and put this block next to your sink. Compliment it with an Eplanita Natural Dish Brush or Sponge and clean your dishes without trashing the planet. The packaging is biodegradable or compostable.

Seventh Generation Free and Clear Dishwasher Detergent Powder comes in a biodegradable cardboard box. It uses an enzyme-rich, plant-based formula to get dishes sparkling clean; free of streaks and spots. Formulated without chlorine, artificial dyes or fragrance, so there’s is no lingering odor or taste. Just straight-up clean, even in hard water.

You can also buy Seventh Generation Detergent in an aluminum tin, which is a great way to keep the soap powder dry. Unfortunately, the can isn’t well sealed and may break open during shipping allowing the powder to empty into the shipping envelope. The aluminum container is recycled and recyclable. If you’re willing to risk this you’ll have a tin you can refill with the boxed powder.

Eplanita packs a powerful punch with this planet-friendly cleaning kit. You get a sturdy brush handle made of bamboo and three brush heads with bristles made of agave cactus fibers. One of the brush heads is very stiff for tough scrubbing. You also get a loofah sponge that works great for dishwashing and surfaces.

When you’ve worn out the brush heads just replace them and continue using the bamboo handle. You’ll save money and clean your dishes knowing you are keeping plastic out of landfills.

Pair it with the Miw Piw Dish Bar for plastic-free clean!

Eplanita Natural Kitchen Sponges

Eplanita Cellulose and Sisal sponges

Eplanita compostable sponges look and feel like dish sponges we’re all used to. But they’re made from natural cellulose and sisal. That means they’re 100% biodegradable. They do a great job cleaning surfaces and scouring cookware without scratching. When your sponge is done toss it in the compost bin and it will decompose along with your food and yard waste. No plastic. Zero Waste. Even the packaging is compostable. And they’re a bargain!

RU S Bamboo Soap Holders are an attractive, eco-friendly way to hold soap, shampoo, and conditioning bars so they last longer.  They come in two different colors: natural and charcoal brown. At 4.72 x 3.54 inches they hold any size bar so it dries quickly instead of dissolving.

Buy these in quantities of 10, 30, or 50. They’re a great bargain. Use them in the kitchen, bathroom, shower. Pair them with any kind of bar for affordable, attractive gifts. Fantastic way to care for yourself, your friends and family, and the planet – all at the same time!