Ben & Anna Deodorant

Vegan Beauty Award winning deodorants pamper your pits with shea butter and natural plant oils. Naturally scented to suit all preferences.

Ben & Anna zero-waste Deodorants are Vegan Beauty Award winners. They pamper your pits with shea butter and use a natural blend of deodorizers that also absorb some moisture. This includes bicarbonate of soda and essential plant oils. No aluminum, pthalates, parabens or other harmful ingredients.

Eight exotic scents include Urban Black (cedar), Coco Mania, Persian Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Lemon Lime, Vanilla Orchid, Indian Mandarin, and Japanese Cherry Blossom for sensitive skin. They come in either a recyclable cardboard tube or tin. No plastic, zero-waste, PETA-approved, skin and planet loving.

Top planet-friendly rating: 5

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